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buy house get wife
buy house get wife
en-googletrend - Buy house get wife , news recently sticking among netizens. From start to social media to get into the media such as newspapers and other news websites.
Maybe hell is the latest method of promotion of this century, the same house self-promotion campaign also like the tv show on  take me *** and the same combination of soul marketing, maybe (Pensive).
News coming from a widow named Wina Lia 40 years old Jogja, Indonesia origin is indeed caused a stir martial world. The widow with two deliberately sell his house Initially this idea can be from his friend who works as a realtor Dian property and a friend suggested to create an ad Buy house get wife.
And interestingly again become one of the largest keyword for this weekend to reach 10k visitors who seek information about the truth of this story, quite bombastic brother.
From our news reports from tempo.co that this news is true , Wina Lia deliberately wanted to sell his house and also looking for a companion of his life again.
He also gives the requirements for candidates to be married later that can guide his life, could he candite widower or who still flunky also maybe (just kids).
And he said "it has a lot to inquire by phone to inquire about the ad Buy house get wife, but there is no serious to come and see it" he said.
Houses for sale if we see it looks magnificent with an area of ​​130 square meters and a land area of ​​527 square meters. The house was built in 201, the house was located in Randu Gunting, Garden Martani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
This house in price hefty price in the amount of 999 million rupiah (IDR).
Wina Lia surprised if the ad so excited !!.

Wina himself does not think this way if the ad so excited tablets
according to what he said "I do not think that so excited like this, which advertises it my friend, not my upload to the internet," said Winallia, Tuesday, March 10, 2015.
How excited guns have been no new news from the time of my grandparents were dating ..
Initially not him who advertise to sell his house but his friend, and do not know how much this ad share via social networking, media chat like whatapps, fuel, and others.
And most sharingnya on in season again let me look more delicious.
"Offer of the Century Rare !!! Buy house could invite the owner married (terms and conditions apply) only for serious buyers and without negotiation."
you are interested in buying? Hurry limited to just let this opportunity yet another wrote.
oke, I think is enought for this information, may be useful.
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